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Maharajah Beard Oil

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Captain Fawcett’s collaboration with The Jodhpur Company has resulted in a most outstanding new Beard Oil: Maharajah! Redolent of balmy air perfumed by aromatic smoke and a crush of bright petals conjuring the heat of enchanted Indian nights, a most elegant fragrance that entirely befits the modern gentleman. This product is infused with a rich and complex blend of essential oils, which will leave your facial hair looking healthy, feeling healthy and smelling irresistible.

Handmade in small batches by the Captain’s master blender, supplied in a clear glass bottle with rubber topped glass pipette for accurate dispensing.

Top Notes: Dazzling Citrus
Base Notes: Heady Rose with Peppery Spice, Rich Musk, Cedar & Leather

William's Tips & Tricks:
This Beard Oil is the perfect partner for your set of Training Wheels. Use them together every week for an hour of intensive training!

Dispense a few drops into the palm of your hand & rub together. Smooth the oil thoroughly into your moustache (and beard) & gently comb through. Roll your handlebar tips around your Training Wheels and clip in place. Soak for an hour or more for a well-trained handlebar moustache.

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