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Introducing the original

Training Wheels

To train and maintain a fine handlebar moustache

handlebar moustache being curled by training wheels

What are Training Wheels?

These training wheels are tools that help you shape a perfect handlebar moustache - from training hairs in the early days to daily styling. Clipping moustache hair around the training wheels helps to create the signature curl of a handlebar moustache.

How to use:

Why Training Wheels?

I've had a handlebar moustache for 6 years now and I can tell you, it's hard to keep a large handlebar in check! It's especially difficult to achieve good curl and symmetry on the tips.


Early on in my handlebar journey, I looked to buy some styling aids to help tame my moustache. I was shocked to find nothing out there that would help sculpt even curls, so I ended up building some rollers using an old lip salve tube and a paper clip.

After several iterations, I took the final design to Kickstarter & over funded my goal by 800%. I then realised that it wasn't just my moustache that needed some help!

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